Love Letters: Part 1

She drops him off at the base. Another trip to the Middle East. Another conflict. She knows the importance of what he’s doing. She knows it’s to protect our people. To protect our freedom. Her heart still sinks as she recalls what’s at stake.

They said it would be only ninety days this time. Will it really only take that long? Will it end up being longer? It will feel longer…much longer. How will she pass the time while he’s away?

Day one. Last night was a sleepless night. She manages to get up because her daily routine must go on. She sits down at her dressing table to get ready. While brushing her hair, her mind floats away into her imagination. “Can I make it through another assignment? Every tour was so, so hard. How can I keep myself busy? How can I keep my mind busy?” she asks herself. Pondering everything that could go wrong, she snaps herself out of it to finish her makeup.

While driving to the office, she remembers that her husband will be away on Valentine’s Day, so she begins thinking about what gift to give him. As they have done so many times before, they save up all the holidays they miss together and celebrate them when he comes home.

Once she gets back home, she prepares dinner for herself and sits down at the table. Letting out a sigh, she prays for her meal and begins to eat. Just then, she remembers that she has an old letter box in the attic. Immediately, she jumps up from her chair, heading for the door to the stairway.

She opens the door. Creeeek! It’s been a while since anyone has opened that old door. She walks up the stairs and starts looking around. Waving her arm out in front of her to brush away the cobwebs, she approaches several boxes on which sets the old wooden letter box. She picks up the box, blows away some dust, and wipes the top with her hand. “This is perfect!” she says to herself.

(to be continued)

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