How to Handle Lemons

When we face challenges, we are presented with two options. Will we give up or get mad? Or, will we stand up to meet the challenge head-on with perseverance and determination. Only when we choose the second option can we grow and become stronger. If you have kept up with our progress, you'll remember the challenges we faced in 2018. I'm happy to report that we have made lemonade out of lemons.

During the second half of last year, we traveled most of the time to vintage shows around the southeast. At the same time, we were working out details with the county and other parties to find a solution resulting in our return to Camden. I distinctly remember the phone call I received while sitting in a Dollar Tree parking lot in Clemson about 6:00pm on a Friday. Yes! We had finally worked everything out and got the approvals we needed to return home to our OWN SHOP! This giver of good news stayed late at work to make sure she could call me before going home for the weekend. We were ready to begin work after New Year's!

God allows us to face refine our character.

Fast forward to now --> We have cleared trees for a new entrance and parking lot. We have relaunched as a monthly market. Our first large event will be in June, during the Ag & Art Tour Weekend in Kershaw County.

There will be much to see and experience with us throughout 2019. Each month, something new will be completed. There are multiple phases planned which will result in a full-day, family-friendly destination. We are excited to take this journey, and we know you'll want to be a part of it.

I believe God allows us to face challenges, not to bully us or cause harm to us, but to refine our character -- much like a fire purifies metals, such as gold and silver, to be made into something beautiful, God wants the fire of our situation to make US into something beautiful. Maybe you've gone through the fire recently, and feel like nothing is quite right. Keep your head up because you're just not done yet. Be strong and make lemonade!

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