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Food Vendor Opportunity

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best overall experience possible. We believe in welcoming everyone like a member of the family, and giving them more than just another place to shop. Food vendors provide customers a complete experience, offering meal, beverage, and snack options while they shop with at our Vendor Markets.

We offer three types of food vendor opportunities: Beverage, Snack, and Meal. Each has their own guidelines and rates. Please read the options provided below.


WE OFFER NO EXCLUSIVITY TO ANY SINGLE FOOD VENDOR AT ANY OF OUR EVENTS. We do, however, offer exclusivity as provided in the guidelines below.

Beverage Vendor: Exclusivity is guaranteed for each type of beverage. For example, there will only be one vendor permitted to sell lemonade as it's main product.

Snack Vendor: Exclusivity is guaranteed for each type of snack. For example, there will only be one vendor permitted to sell donuts as it's main product.

Meal Vendor: Exclusivity is NOT guaranteed to keep a variety of options open to guests. Exclusivity is only provided for meal vendors if they choose to pay for exclusivity. Pricing indicated below.


Beverage vendor (Ex. coffee, lemonade, or other non-alcoholic)     $45 for 10x10 space

Snack vendor (Ex. donuts, funnel cake, popcorn, etc.)     $45 for 10x10 space

Meal vendor (Ex. serving breakfast or lunch)     $60 for truck-trailer space / $120 including exclusivity


If you are ready to commit to an upcoming event, please complete the form below.

IMPORTANT NOTES: No alcohol is permitted at any of our events. Contracts must be signed by all food vendors. Invoices must be paid within 48 hours of receipt. Unpaid invoices will be cancelled, resulting in the loss of vendor space. No-shows or cancellations will not receive a refund, including meal vendors who requested exclusivity.

Food Vendor Contract and Invoice Request Form



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